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As the world recovered from WWII in the late 40’s, the kids of that generation were to experience a way of life that will never be duplicated, though often sought after. The 1950's saw music evolve from big band swing, jazz, and blues to rock-n-roll. The times were oh-so simple but changing at a very fast pace. That era birthed literally thousands of "garage bands" usually consisting of two guitars and a drummer, as well as, groups we now refer to as doo-wop groups.

In the mid-50's at thirteen years-old a young man in Pleasant Grove (Dallas, TX) who was influenced by Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley began drumming. He played his first gig at age 14 at a junior high assembly, and for the next six years was part of several bands in the Dallas area. In 1959 this young man cut a record at Sellars Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Texas with a group called "Don Hopkins and the Hearts". The members of the band were all school mates and friends. The Hearts lead guitar player, Bob "Bird Dog" Poynter, still lives in the Dallas area and remains one of the drummer's life-long friends!

As life goes, there came a time to lay down the drums to raise a family, but the desire to "be in a band" never died. So in 2005 the drummer dusted off his kit, bought a new pair of sticks, and started keeping time once again. After a couple of years as a fill-in drummer with mostly blues and country bands, his son, who is in a band of his own, realized what a special honor it would be to play in a band with his dad. Not wanting the opportunity to pass, the boy asked his Dad if he would like to form an oldies group. Thus was formed the group "Curb Service", which is a play on a piece of 1950's culture when drive-in restaurants were the rage.

The drummer is James "Tuffy" Bevill and he is very grateful for the opportunity his son, Brad, and three good friends, Chris, Dave and Kane, afforded him to make the 50's come alive again.

It is a blessing and a privilege for Curb Service to "Serve Up the Oldies" for you, our friends. Let's rock!

James "Tuffy" Bevill - Drums
Brad "Roscoe" Bevill - Rhythm Guitar
Kane "Flippy" Kelly - Lead Guitar
Chris "Spanky" Smyers - Bass & Vocals
Dave "the Reverend" DePaul - Lead Vocals
Wade "Rufus" Palmer - Keys & Vocals

Book us for your party, class reunion, car show, drive-in, special event, wedding, corporate event, or anything else you want to rock!

Curb Service News
Show Recap!
posted May 30, 2011 by Tuffy

I Knew It Was You Video Shoot

Hello Cats and Kittens!! Our show Saturday was a real barn burner!! We had a twistin', hula-hoopin', sock hoppin', slow-dancin' good time!! Check out our Facebook page for some photos! Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks again to David and the folks at Dallas Classic Chevys for the hospitality!!

We are now booking Summer shows! Stay tuned and be ready to party like it's 1958!!

Curb Service News

Music Video Is Complete!
posted March 05, 2011 by Roscoe

This is the music video for our new smash single, "I Knew It Was You", which was written by our drummer, James "Tuffy" Bevill, in 1959.

The video was written, directed, produced, shot and edited by Backyard Films (

Curb Service News

Music Video Shoot!
posted January 22, 2011 by Roscoe

I Knew It Was You Video Shoot

Hello Greasers and Kittens!! Today we started shooting a music video for our first smash single, "I Knew It Was You" (written by our chick-magnet drummer, Tuffy, back in 1959)!! It went real swell except for the stray dog that kept coming around. Spanky had to tell her to "SCRAM"!

The music video will be complete in the coming weeks! We can't wait to share it with our dozens of fans!

A special thanks to David and all of the Dallas Classic Chevys crew for allowing us the honor of using your beautiful rides in our video. You were all very kind and we can't wait to see you again in May at the Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention!

Also, thank you to Mr. Frosty Drive-In in Denton for letting us bombard your joint and do our thing.

And last.. a very HUGE thank you to Jeff and Clint of Backyard Films Presents for all the patience and hard work on the video! We owe you guys!

Curb Service News

Lonestar Classic Chevy Convention!
posted January 22, 2011 by Tuffy

I Knew It Was You Video Shoot

If hot rods and beautiful classic Chevys turn your crank, you can't miss the Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention!! It will be held May 27-29th at the Sheraton Hotel in Irving, Tx!

The 29th Annual Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention will be more than just another car show! It's a full weekend exclusively for 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy cars, trucks and Corvettes!! Fun for the whole family!

Special Attractions Include:

Drive-in movie night featuring "American Graffiti"
Candy Clark ("Debbie" from American Graffiti)
Tri-Five Chevy Drag Racing!
1000 Point Show N Shine Judging!
Tours to Cowboys Stadium and Texas Motor Speedway
Poker Run!
Oldies band "Curb Service"!!
Shopping Tours for the Ladies!
Swap meet for tri-five Chevys!
Indy 500 Watch Party!
"Peel Out" CONTEST
Personalized photo plaque awards!

And our good friends from Dallas Classic Chevys will be there!! Don't miss it!!

Curb Service News

The New Record Is Complete!
posted January 3, 2011 by Tuffy

Happy New Year Kittens and Cats! We have finally finished our new album, "Servin' Up the Oldies". You can listen to it above using our music player, or you can go to our Facebook page and have a listen. You'll be able to get your hands on the record at all of our shows as well. Take a look at our poster!

A special thanks goes out to Claudia and Jayme Bevill for the amazing background vocals on "I Knew It Was You" and "Tiddly Diddly". You kittens really know how to purrrrr!

Next up is finalizing our set list, rehearsing, booking shows and rocking with our friends!

Curb Service News

"Servin' Up the Oldies" Update
posted November 24, 2010 by Roscoe

The new EP is coming along nicely. Life has slown us down a bit more than we would like, but we keep on pluggin' away. All the tracks are complete except for a lead guitar part on "Devoted to You" and the girl's background vocals for "I Knew It Was You" and "Tiddly Diddly". We hope to have everything recorded, mixed, mastered and out to our dozens of fans by January 1, 2011! What a great way to start the new year!

Curb Service News

Recording Has Begun!
posted July 26, 2010 by Roscoe

It's official.. we have started recording our first album! "Servin' Up the Oldies" will be a six song EP with four major covers and two Dallas originals from Tuffy's time with Don Hopkins and the Hearts.

Side A:
"Rave On" (by Buddy Holly)
"I Knew It Was You" (by James "Tuffy" Bevill)
"Johnny B Goode" (by Chuck Berry)

Side B:
"Do You Wanna Dance" (by Bobby Freeman)
"Tiddly Diddly" (by Don Hopkins and the Hearts)
"Devoted to You (by the Everly Brothers)

Tuffy laid down the drum tracks for all six songs yesterday. They sound really good! Big props to Flippy for the engineering help! We can't wait to hear the songs when they're done, but up next is bass! Come on down, Spanky...let's do this.

Curb Service News

In the beginning...
posted June 25, 2010 by Tuffy

Well, we are a band. We've started pre-production on the new six song EP. We're working up a set list. I have a new kick drum head. Flippy has a new Fender Telecaster. Spanky got some new hair grease. Roscoe got some new PF Flyers. Logo is complete. And the promo shots are scheduled. Here goes nothing!

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WHEN: Sat, 4/13/13 (1-3PM)
WHERE: 213 Main, Maypearl, Tx
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